Return to the cyber saloon

How time flows like a river. I haven't posted consistently or consecutively on livejournal in years.. and in a way I do miss it.

More current & popular social media websites limit or encourage people to communicate within a space of about two lines, whereas during the glory years of LJ people could (and would) pour their souls out in rather lengthy discourse.

Well for 'old times' sake, for nostalgia, for the fact I'm currently bored with nothing else better to do I'm going to give it a whirl and try a few more updates over the course of next week.

Stripped neon ice-cube

Had a wicked fucking time last night. Headed off to a bar by myself for a drink and some quiet reflection when I got talking to this young guy who was here out-of-town.

Before you knew it on his offer we were off to a strip-club where he bought most of the drinks. Had to attend a Young Drivers class early today which meant I had to call an early end to last night which was TOTAL fucking bollocks with regard to timing, but oh well, shit's gotta get done at some point.

One of the most hilarious points of the evening was when back at the bar the gent kept telling me how he goes and gets so completely fubar'd @ bars & clubs that he's lost about three cellphones in the last year. Sure enough he'd 'misplaced' the one he had on him when we got to the nudie bar and he was there flipping all the strippers $20 bills to search the place for it, lol. Now that's my kind of hired help!

Still, I forgot just how much I enjoyed that scene.

Writer's Block: There Can Be Only One

Do you believe in monogamy?

Hell yeah! Can you make relationships work with more than one person? Most definately! But can you say with your time divided that any of them would be nearly as meaningful than if you devoted yourself to one person? No fucking way. And that's why I am a monogamist. If I could compare women to cars or motorcycles, just having one to obsess about, to know every detail, every part, every flaw and perfection, to me that's bliss. If you owned like ten cars or bikes there's no way you could ever forge that kind of bond or familiarity with any one of them.

So that's my take folks. Damn you LJ writers-block assist tool.

Let your media die

I'm so sick of hearing about this Confucker virus, like this latest headline "Though the computer worm hasn't caused mayhem yet, experts say it's busy evolving", like OOOUuuuuu, sounds more like a ghost story pinheads tell one another around the coffee machine at computer camp. I say BRING IT ON if it's gonna happen already. Lets crash the whole fucking net. Then we can all pick up our skipping ropes and hoola-hoops and head outside, celebrate the fact that we the 'cheap sex and media-programmed' generation are so desensitized to life that we really don't give a flying fuck about anything.

Go team me

My pops always complains about how I take dishes from the kitchen back to my bedroom and then never return them. So today on the way home from work I just stopped by and bought a whole slew of dishes and cutlery @ Zellers to use for myself using an old giftcard from a previous job. Boy, did he ever go through the roof!

Well, atleast I don't have to hear "where are all the fucking dishes?!" anymore. :D

My night in a can..

..almost quite literally. Today on the way home from work I stopped off at the brand new flagship store for the LCBO here in Mississauga, conveniently located across the street from Square One shopping centre.

The liquor store I go to closest to my home is a piece of fucking crap having a somewhat limited selection of beers, and are usually sold out of a noticeable amount of brands at any given time. So with that said, I went poking around for something unique that I’ve never tried before and sure enough they had a couple. I ended picking up four tallboys of Tecate (Mexico), Tatra (Poland), Ozujsko (Czech) and Maclays (Scotland) respectively each costing almost exactly around the $2 mark.

So all in all that’ll be my night in a nutshell kicking back with a few brewskies, tasters choice, and watching the NHL Hockey season wind down. Though hopefully being around a computer I don’t go random-gifting people on my various online friends lists more music from iTunes as has been a VERY bad habit of mine as of late. You guys just aren’t worth the $.99 a song to broaden your horizons :P

Das ist gut, even though there are no actual German beers in this collection

This is not my Canada

A quote from a 'Canadian' Tamil protester in today's Toronto Star newspaper berated the Canadian government over their stance towards labelling the Tamil Tigers as a terrorist organization.

"We are not terrorists"

As the woman apparently said while marching with well over a HUNDRED THOUSAND fellow Tigers who then went on to circle off parts of Toronto, blocking traffic with lines of protesters three and four deep.

More blatant evidence which finally is coming into fruition that Trudeau and the Liberals have condemned this country into becoming the world's multicultural shithole in the name of vote-buying and recieving special-interest dollars.

But it really is a phenomenon that these people DARE come to OUR country and have such a strong sense of entitlement. And no one ever seems to ask the question, what would happen if the positions were reversed, if we Canadians were in their country and started to make demands or ask for help what would happen? It doesn't take much stretch of the imagination to guess what our reception would be like, so then you have to ask why are we tolerating it?

Canada for REAL Canadians.

Today's television programming sucked!

I can't believe it, but I've never seen such uninspired television programming on Christmas day. I was much looking forward to kicking back on my couch, uncorking many a beer and just watching some of the Christmas classics roll. Sadly, none of which were to be found. There was no A Christmas Story or National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. But instead, at one point I noticed Jack Frost was playing on two different channels.

Truely pathetic.

All I have to say is praise be to Space channel for their Trek-mas day movie marathon,they came to the rescue.